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Frequently Asked Questions

Clear all your doubts, put an end to your fears and start learning Argentine Tango today!

Is it okay if I don't have dance experience ?

Argentine Tango is a dance that anyone can enjoy regardless of experience or age!

For those completely new to Argentine tango

The lesson content assumes that you have no dance experience, so please feel free to join us!!

Do i have to prepare anything special for the lesson?

As long as you don't wear tight skirts or long skirts that make it difficult to move around, you can wear the clothes you wear after work!

If you don't have dance shoes, men should wear leather shoes.

For women, please bring high-heeled shoes with ankle straps.

Is it okay if I can't speak English or Spanish?

Argentinian teachers teach in Japanese, English and Spanish.

So nothing to worry about.

What kind of dance is Argentine Tango?

Unlike other dances such as ballroom dancing, tango is danced with heart and emotion rather than technique.

There are basic steps to remember, but they don't make up a song.

To put it in extreme terms, men and women abrazo (hug) to the music of tango, and just by walking, they are already tango.

The man tells the woman what he feels in music, and the woman receives it.

Argentine tango itself is “communication without words,” where you dance as you feel.

Argentine tango is a fascinating dance that gives you a glimpse of yourself differently depending on your partner.

Milonga party?

In Argentina, the home of tango, a tango dance party called [Milonga]

It is held almost every night in various halls, restaurants and dance studios.

In this [Milonga], which is both a culture and a custom of Argentina, many people gather,

Enjoy a glass of wine and dance to your favorite tango song with your favorite friends as long as you like.

In Argentina, it is said that "a song of tango and a glass of wine" is one of the longevity health laws.

As a culture, tango is not a “competition” 

In the end, it is “something to feel” or “something to give”.

Once you've mastered a few basics of tango, dress up a little and be brave enough to hit the milonga.

Your "joy of life" may increase one more!

I'm not sure if I can come every week, is that okay?

All classes can be paid for once, so you can go through them at your own pace!

Even if you pay by monthly tuition, it is possible to transfer to another class, so please contact us.

Can I visit and see lessons?

You can visit us anytime during group lessons.

Please refrain from observing private lessons unless you have permission from the person in question.

Also, please note that the Milonga (Party) has an entry charge even for those who cannot dance tango.

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プライベートレッスン / PRIVATE LESSONS


Please check the available dates and make a reservation at a time that is convenient for you.

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